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Fan engagement is about creating a connection between the fans and the team. It’s about making the spectators feel like they are part of the team, a part of the excitement. All while creating an experience that neither will soon forget. If you're looking for a new virtual scoreboard that reflects your team's winning attitude, there's no better option than a customized LED video display from First Team. Our scoreboards are designed to help you keep score, celebrate your players, pump up your fans, and generate additional revenue from sponsor advertising.

Muskogee BB_web_02.jpg
Oral Roberts University
Upon its completion in 2020 the Oral Roberts University 4.6mm Virtual Basketball Scoreboard is the largest in the Southwest. The two video boards that run  East and West measured a whopping 31′ long by 13′ high. Powered by a four camera HD video control room the quality of the Virtual scoreboard is incredible.


Oral Roberts University


Two sides are 31’ x 13’ and the end sides are 13’ x 13’ which makes up the 4 sides. All 4 sides come apart and they are hoisted to the top of the arena. First Team  designed and installed the complete hoisting system. 

Muskogee High School
Oklahoma Baptist University

Two 16 ft x 9 ft LED Video Boards
2.6 Pixel Pitch

Northern Michigan University.webp
Northern Michigan University
Indiana State University.webp
Indiana State University
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