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The demand for high-definition, fine-pitch LED screens has never been greater. For corporations looking to deliver a crisp presentation, First Team's BIM Max Series displays offer a reliable and fully wall-mounted solution.


Dynamic indoor LED displays are becoming more common in the world of business, due to their ability to provide a visually stunning experience. With the BIM Max Series displays, companies can create an immersive atmosphere in any space. The small pixel spacing allows for close viewing without compromising visual clarity or definition.


The flexibility of mounting options combined with the slim profile makes these displays perfect for even the most unique spaces, without giving up on aesthetics or performance. And thanks to their low energy consumption and advanced heat dissipation solutions, they are functional, efficient and cost-effective for businesses of any size looking to maximize their investment.

John Zink pictures with audience 007.jpg
Corporations expectation and demands for high-definition smaller pixel spacing LED screens for close viewing has never been greater. The 1.5mm LED video screens selected and installed by First Team for the John Zink conference room have a high refresh rate of 3,840 Hz ensuring the clarity and smoothness of every frame of the picture. Installation of the LED screens required the use of laser leveling technology to ensure “O” tolerance between LED modules.
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