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At First Team, we are dedicated to providing premium technology that creates captivating LED displays to bring your content to life, providing an immersive and engaging experience for customers, event attendees, fans and others. Whether you're looking for a small indoor display or a large outdoor video board, we can create a display that perfectly fits your needs and budget.


With a display from First Team, you'll revolutionize the way you connect with your audience. Our displays are built for reliability and durability, ensuring that your message is visible and engaging in even the toughest conditions. From sports arenas to shopping malls, our digital signs are designed to make a lasting impression and keep your audience coming back for more.

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Esports Arena
ESports was one of the most creative projects First Team has had the privilege to work on. The two main 2.5 mm LED video walls were 17’ x 7’ on each side of the 10’ x 15’ Center video wall. First Team manufactured powder coated all the steel support beams and transported the to the location. What made this installation difficult is they had already installed the stage and the ceiling lighting grid. Using two scissor lifts we placed one end of the beam on each lift and slowly raised the beam up. Once close to their position by hand we maneuvered it around the light grid and secured it in place. After all the beams we installed First Team assisted our client with installing all the 2.5 LED modules.
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