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Multipurpose facility serving both Ice Hockey and Basketball 

For First Team the Northern Michigan University project was a “FIRST”. We had never worked on Ice before. NMU is a multipurpose facility serving both Ice Hockey and Basketball at the same time.Building from the ground up on Ice was interesting but much better working conditions than two week earlier where we were in Clovis NM installing a Football scoreboard & Audio system and it was 101 degrees and the wind blew 30 mph all day long.



Location: Michigan, USA

Description: The old scoreboard had been there for over 10 years. NMU upgraded the entire facility by installing a four sided 16’x9’ / 6mm. LED video board with a time and scoring ring on the bottom. At each end to the arena they installed a traditional wireless scoreboard . They integrated into their existing HD video control room an HD Click Effects unit.


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